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Featuring some different works, created and authored by David Flatman.

"Flatliners" is a collection of thought provoking, occasionally bizarre, and sometimes disturbing cartoons devised in the mind of David Flatman, and brought to "life" by Michael Meissner. This collaborative effort resulted in many of these cartoons in local publication, until some became too disturbing to the sensitivities of some of the ...well.... weaker minded among us.

While there are way too many "Flatliners" to include them all, this is a pretty fair selection for your perusal. If you'd be interested in publishing our Flatliners, please contact us.

Click on an image title to link to a Flatliner cartoon.

"Golfing in Hell"
"Grim goes Recruiting"
"Alive and Kicking"
"Old Faithful"
"Billy's Nightmare"
"Emily's Husband"
"Grim in Baghdad"
"Security Advisor"
"Dentist Visit"
"Smoking Can Kill You"
"Democratic Party Favors"
"Fishing any good ?"
"Seafood Buffet"
"Wrath of God"
"Uses for Lawyers #107"
"Uses for Lawyers #108"
"Uses for Lawyers #109"
"Uses for Lawyers #110"
"Hunting Bear"
"Computer Phobia"
"Young Jack Kevorkian"
"Little Bo Peep"
"Traffic School"
"Pinkslipped ?"
"Coffee Shop Grim"
"Miming the Harbor"
"Grim's Quota"
"Grim and Fifi"
"Morning Coffee in OR"
"One day in the OR"
"Doctor's Little Problems"
"Have a NORAD Christmas"
"Mr. Potato on the side"
"Mr. Potato's last hurrah"
"Tar Pits"
"Paging Doctor Kevorkian"
"Winning the Rat Race"
"The Boob Tube"
"Branch Office"
"Being a Good Team Player"
"Funny as a Sneeze in a..."
"Revenge of the Butterfly God"


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Updated Tuesday 30 June, 2009 8:36PM Mountain Time