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OK, here's where you really want us to do something truly unique for you. We can develop custom paintings, cartoons or business logos by hand (yes, really, by real human hands) for your needs. Paintings can be done in durable acrylic on your choice and size of canvas, canvas board, tanned animal hide, wood, motorcycle helmets, refrigerator doors, whatever ....(use your imagination). We can also develop pen and ink drawings or watercolor paintings of just about any subject you might want, as well as cartoons and caricatures (these are funny cartoons of people you like...or don't like).

We can also develop your artwork in part or in whole using graphical computer-based software applications, and can provide you the completed work electronically or on electronic media (CD-ROM, for example).

Of course, the time required to develop fine art is highly variable, so Email us and we will let you know what service charges would apply. Please indicate what media type you are interested in: Acrylic painting, pencil, pen and ink drawing, watercolor, or computer design ....

And what you would like it painted on: Canvas, canvas board, paper, poster board, wood, rabbit hide, refrigerator door...or anything you might want to provide (we've even painted ostrich eggs before).

... and whether or not you would like it matted, unmatted, framed or unframed....

... and we will provide you a detailed cost estimate for your consideration.

If you need more assistance, feel free to email us for for info anytime!



Michael Meissner

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Updated 10/27/2015 8:36PM Mountain Time