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Featuring some "other" works of Montana artist Michael Meissner. These are collections of cartoons developed over the years, some for websites, and other for newspaper publication.

All images Copyright 1997-2003

Cool Critters "Cool Critters"
A collection of very cute and "Cool" pets and animals, suitable for little kids and big kids (adults) alike.

Cool Dudes "Cool Dudes"
A collection of "Cool" historical figures throughout American History. Browse through and see how many you can identify.
It's a Dog's Life "It's a Dog's Life"
A colorful collection of characters based on the premise that all women are "ladies" and all men are "dogs". (..and how far is this from the truth ?)
Flatliners "Flatliners"
A series of dangerously funny cartoons, authored by the bizarre and only "Dave Flatman", and illustrated by Michael Meissner. This was a series that found its way into local publication, amidst periodic public confusion and outrage (once they figured them out, that is...). Hilariously thought-provoking stuff.


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